Every Coffee has a Story to Tell

Sonnets by Tata Coffee brings the best of our farms to your cup. Handpicked from high quality Arabica beans, every coffee is processed uniquely and roasted to perfection for a unique coffee experience.

To add to that our 150-year-old legacy and unmatched experience reflects in the entire journey.

Our Coffee Range
Yemmigoondi Washed Arabica with Sugarcane Juice
Dark Roast | Moka Pot (250 g)
Handpicked Cherries fermented with Sugarcane juice.
1027 mtrs
Moka Pot Dark Roast
Valparai Lemonica
Selectively picked ripe cherries; aqua washed and sprinkled with Lemon grass stalk.
1152 mtrs
French Press Medium Roast
Filter Coffee Dark Roast
Moka Pot Dark Roast
Karadibetta Jaggery Fermented
Handpicked cherries fermented with Jaggery and allowed to dry for a long time.
1051 mtrs
Moka Pot Dark Roast
Filter Coffee Dark Roast
Crafted with Care and
Handpicked by Our Planters

The artist is the hardest critic of the art. Pick a brew personally selected by our planters.

Blog | Voice Of Our Estates
A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.
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