Jumboor French Press Medium Roast Coffee
Jumboor French Press Medium Roast Coffee

Jumboor Estate

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The star of Jumboor, delicately picked and fermented to perfection.
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Jumboor Estate

Jumboor Estate

Product description
Tasting Notes
Product description
Come spring, when the coffee cherries bloom, the view from the Jumboor Estate is breathtaking. Located in the northern highlands of Coorg, the estate planted in 1870s, is known for its Arabica coffee. Jumboor is also home to many seasonal streams.
The Jumboor Giling Basah is one of the stars harvested in Jumboor this season.
Tasting Notes
Expect a sweet and bright cup with smooth wholesome, creamy mouthfeel and bright-sweet finish, with a touch of bitter edges, tender coconut and molasses.

  1. Add a heaping tablespoon (7-8 grams) of coffee to the pot per 200 ml of water
  2. Pour hot water, not boiling, into the pot, and gently stir
  3. Carefully reinsert the plunger into the pot but stop just above the water and ground coffee mix. (do not plunge yet)
  4. Let stand and brew for 3-4 minutes or more for a stronger flavour
  5. Press the plunger down slowly, exerting steady pressure
  6. Your fresh brew is ready. Enjoy it hot, cold or with a dash of milk
The origin

The Jumboor Estate is a legacy left behind by the British. Home to many seasonal streams, ‘no cultivation’ zones have been earmarked by Tata Coffee to let the natural flow of water remain undisturbed. A breathtaking spring in the Jumboor Estate when the coffee blooms, is a sight to behold. Since the 1870s, the finest of the Arabicas are planted in this 390-hectare northern highlands estate of Coorg, home to The Gilling Basah. 

Altitude: 1156 mtrs

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