Nullore Estate

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Harvested at just the right stage by skilled people, eco-friendly process is used to attain optimum moisture level.
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Nullore Estate

Nullore Estate

Product description
Tasting Notes
Product description
It seems that nature has showered its choicest blessings on the Nullore Estate in Coorg, known as one the best Arabica producing estates in the region. A microlot from Nullore Estate was the first ever coffee of Indian Origin to be selected in the Starbucks Reserve Collection in 2016. The Nullore Washed Arabica is our favorite pick from this year’s harvest.
Tasting Notes
Expect a smooth cup with silky mouthfeel and complex flavours with sweetness of dark chocolate and a touch of citrus. 

  1. Add a heaping tablespoon (7-8 grams) of coffee to the pot per 200 ml of water
  2. Pour hot water, not boiling, into the pot, and gently stir
  3. Carefully reinsert the plunger into the pot but stop just above the water and ground coffee mix. (do not plunge yet)
  4. Let stand and brew for 3-4 minutes or more for a stronger flavour
  5. Press the plunger down slowly, exerting steady pressure
  6. Your fresh brew is ready. Enjoy it hot, cold or with a dash of milk
The origin

Nature’s compost comprising of leaf droppings, coffee fruit skin and other agricultural waste paves the way for the magical quality of arabica beans harvested at Nullore Estate. The first-ever coffee of Indian origin to be curated at the Starbucks Reserve in 2016, the microlot from Block 19 came from the vibrant Nullore Estate. The vibrant flora and fauna of the block nurtured the coffee to give the exceptional microlot. At 900mts, Nullore Estate in Madikeri is the largest Arabica estate in the region, which brings you the highest quality of magical Arabica beans. Dual canopy shade trees and nestling fruit bats are what sets the estate apart, giving it its uniqueness. Full flavoured with a lingering sweetness, the Sun-dried Coconut Water & Red Honey is the pick of the year.

Altitude: 1051 mtrs

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