Yemmigoondi Estate Easy Pour

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Red ripe fruit, dried under the sun for optimum moisture content.
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Yemmigoondi Estate Easy Pour

Yemmigoondi Estate Easy Pour

Product description
Tasting Notes
Product description
Indulge in the exceptional taste of our gourmet coffees, now in Easy Pour Bags! Just pull, pour & steep to savour a no-equipment brew in minutes, at your desk or home.
Tasting Notes
Expect a cup with well balanced, fairly rounded body and smooth mouthfeel along with fruity flavours of Jackfruit and the spiciness of Black Pepper and Cloves.

  1. Remove the bag from the pouch and tear open along the dotted line.
  2. Pull the flaps and anchor the bag on the rim of the cup firmly.
  3. Pour hot water (~90°C) into the bag till the brim & allow it to percolate. Repeat the process again. (~180 ml of hot water).
  4. When the water percolates completely, remove the bag and enjoy your cup of coffee. You may add sugar and milk to taste.
  5. COLD/ICED COFFEE Cool the coffee liquor, top it up with ice cubes, mix well and enjoy.
The Origin

As the story goes, large herds of bison used to camp in the deep valleys of this estate in the 18th century and hence the name ‘Yemmigoondi’ came into being. This is one of the earliest estates started by the British, proof of which is the existence of a 100 year old bungalow and a horse stable in the Dodde (Big) Yemmigoondi estate. Yemigoondi estate is situated in the Coorg district of Karnataka. This estate is blessed with abundant water bodies and natural springs, which contribute to the prevalence of salubrious climate. This results in ideal growing conditions for Coffee with high bean density. The estate has large species of indigenous trees that are home to the flying fox, a variety of birds, wild cats and other mammals like elephants that come into the estate looking for food and water. Honeybees assist in natural pollination echoing the eco-friendly practices that the estate follows.

Altitude: 890-1100 mtrs

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