Know Your Coffee Grinds

Know Your Coffee Grinds

To experience coffee at its best, it is imperative that you know how you need to grind the beans.
Depending on your brewing apparatus, the grind level ranges between extra fine to extra coarse. In this
blog, we will discuss two most widely used coffee grinds. When you shop from, we have listed our best recommendations of the coffee grind that will go
with the coffee and the roast that you choose.

French Press:

A coarse grind is best for a French Press. It is a popular brewing method. While the French Press is a
simple, easy to use brewing apparatus, many are often turned off by their first French Press experience –
this could be because they are not using the correct grind size.

Brewing coffee with a French Press requires a coarse, even grind. A coarsely ground coffee will look
somewhat chunky. Because the coffee is steeped in boiling water, the contact time between the water
and coffee is much longer, which requires a coarser grind.

Coffee Filter:

When you are using a coffee filter, we recommend that you use a medium grind coffee. Its consistency is
quite similar to sea salt and suitable for coffee filters in automatic and drip coffee machines.

Besides these, you can refer to the following chart for choosing your correct coffee grind based on the
coffee brewing equipment you are using:

  • Cold Brew Coffee = Extra Coarse

  • Turkish Coffee = Extra Fine

  • Espresso = Fine

  • AeroPress = Medium, Medium-fine or Fine with adjusted brewing times

  • Percolator = Coarse

  • Coffee Cupping = Coarse

  • Moka Pot = Fine

  • Cafe Solo = Medium-coarse

  • Drip Coffee Machine = Medium

  • Pour Over = Medium

  • Siphon Coffee = Medium

  • Cowboy Coffee = Extra Coarse

  • Clever Dripper = Medium-coarse

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