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The seeds of our estate were sown more than a 100 years ago, by English planters, who brought coffee
to the hills of Coorg in the then state of Mysore in South India. The land, the weather and the people
came together to create what is today one of the finest coffees in the world. Those visionary planters
shared a genuine passion in the human side of the estate. They knew that people played an important
role in nurturing and caring for a coffee plant, to produce the finest coffee. This philosophy of care for
every bean of coffee is the foundation of our success. Over the years, one aspect that has distinguished
us globally, is that ‘our coffee beans come from our own estates’, with a promise of the finest quality
while following the highest standards of sustainability and communities. In passing this age old harmony
between nature and man lies the essence of our existence. At Tata Coffee, we are proud to be a part of
this timeless heritage.

The best of the coffee estates in the hills of Southern India
The sprawling coffee estates of Tata Coffee are found nestling in the serene hills of Coorg, Chikmagalur
and Anamallais. The trail of Tata Coffee estates are spread over 19 locations across the South Indian
states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Both Arabica and Robusta coffees are cultivated and inter cropped
with pepper and fruit trees, imparting unique and delectable flavour and aromatic nuances to the coffee
beans. Each of these estates are unique and have a story of their own. While some of them were
founded by legendary English planters, others are characterized by distinct location, flora, fauna and
exotic strains of coffee. Despite being diverse in characteristics, they unite under the well established
processes of Tata Coffee to bring you the finest of coffee beans from India. As you delve into the pages,
you will discover how each one of our coffee estates have a story waiting to be told, a journey waiting to
be unfurled.

Nullore Estate:

Microlot from Block 19 in Nullore Estate became the first ever Indian origin coffee to be selected for
the Starbucks Reserve range.

Walking at a height of 900 mtr where the clouds come floating down, the loudest sound you hear is your
heartbeat and you are at Nullore Estate in Madikeri; here the largest Arabica estate in the region thrives.
A slice of land where nature brews her own cup under the two tier shade of tall trees. The Nullore Estate

is one of the finest examples where nature comes full circle. Leaf droppings of shade trees, coffee fruit
skin and other agricultural waste go back to the soil as compost and nature works her magic to bring out
the highest quality of the magical Arabica beans. These priced beans are selectively handpicked and they
undergo careful processing, while preserving the inherent quality. In 2016, a microlot from Block 19 in
Nullore Estate became the first ever coffee of Indian Origin to be curated at the Starbucks Reserve. This
exceptional microlot came from a block thriving with vibrant flora and fauna with the coffee nurtured by
dual canopy shade trees and nestling fruit bats.

Jumboor Estate:

Jumboor is home to a large number of seasonal streams. Tata Coffee earmarks zones around such
streams as “no cultivation” zones so as to not to disturb the natural flow of water.

The Jumboor Estate located in the northern highlands of Coorg was planted in the 1870s. Lying on the
Eastern face of a range this estate is a throwback to times of past, when the British came here and set
up a legacy. The estate is planted with Arabicas, across an area of 390 hectares. When the coffee blooms
in spring it is breathtaking. The fruits are handpicked when fully ripe and processed. The cherries are
pulped and dry fermented and then mechanically washed and soaked in water. The parchments are
again washed using pure mountain spring water to create the exquisite coffee, for which Jumboor is
renowned for over a century. Expert hands carefully sun dry the beans on concrete drying yards in a
controlled and slow drying process to bring out the flavour. Jumboor also produces “Jumboor Gold”, a
yellow bourbon Arabica variety which has exquisite cupping quality.

Mylemoney Estate:

“Oh give me a home, where the buffaloes roam, where the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom
is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day”

Mylemoney Estate is located in the mountain range of Mullayangiri, the highest peak in Karnataka with
lush green forests, home to rich wildlife and a variety of deer. Thomas Cannon a renowned English
planter discovered this ideal location in the early 19th century and he set up one of the finest coffee
estates in the region. By the 1860’s ‘Mylemoney Brand - Cannon’s Coffee’ was talked about even in the
London markets. This was the first commercial coffee estate in India. At an altitude of 1220 mtr,
Mylemoney Coffee Estate is home to one of the rarest strains of Arabica– The Kent, developed in the
1900s. A connoisseur’s delight, Kent thrives in the scenic Arabicadool division of this estate. The steep
slopes of Mullayangiri help a high quality yield of shade grown Arabica. The Thirumayee division in the
Bababoodhangiri area grows Robusta.

As delightful as our coffee beans are the verdant estates where they come from. Each one nurtured and
nourished by us, with care for environment.

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